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Roller Skating in the ‘80s – The 1880s

Apparently, roller skating was a big thing in the metropolous of Leadville, Colorado in the 1880s.

Who knew? With all of the historical novels I read, I should have run across this before.

But, there it is, in black and white.

I loved roller skating in the 1980’s. But the 1880’s?

After a little research, I learned that roller skating was a big thing in all major U.S. cities in the 1880’s. Roller skates had been invented about twenty years before and the technology had improved enough for mass adaptation.

Not only did everyone roller skate, but there were roller skating professionals. When the tax form asked for occupation, how many people put “Skatorial Star?”

Roller skating provided an alternative to saloons and dance halls. Just like in the 1980’s, where the roller rink was one of the few places I could hang out with my friends without parental supervision..

Our roller rink wasn’t first class like the one in Leadville. The ladie’s restroom would never have passed for a “large ladies’ reception room.” And anyone caught smoking in the men’s room would have been kicked out.

And, no brass band in the 1980’s. We skated to tunes like Roller Skating Mate and Disco Duck.

I tried to imagine skating in a long dress and old time clothing. Even looked it up on YouTube. This is what I found. Don’t know if it is historically accurate or just fun. Click on the picture to watch.

Roller rinks offered games and prizes.

Notice that the main prize is for most popular men and women, not the best skaters. Just like in the 1980’s, it wasn’t about skating at all. Although, the article above does offer a silver cup for actual skating ability.

Over time, the competitions evolved. Note the article below.

Now the prize is for most awkward skater. A prize I could win.

The makers of St. Jacob’s Oil hoped to profit from the dangers of roller skating in their 1883 advertisement.

I certainly wouldn’t want to be an enemy of St. Jacob’s oil if I were to get a cut nose or bruised body.

Here’s a poem about someone falling in their roller skates.

I didn’t think anyone used the term “dude” back then. And “dudely.” Oh, my.

And, finally, something that I could see in a viral video on social media.

The cymbals crash every time this man falls down. I’m sure he was mad.  It would have made for great video.

Some things never change.

For the Love of Cards

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. Payday for greeting card companies. But, my husband and I have them fooled. We walk through the card aisle at Walmart together and read Valentine’s day cards. The funnier the better. If not for his grey hair and reading glasses, we would look like a couple of kids.

While security cameras capture our image we read the cards. We open the musical ones and dance to popular tunes. We press the buttons on dancing stuffed animals. They wouldn’t put a sticker that says, “Press here”, if they didn’t want the animals to dance. We haven’t shown up on “people of Walmart” yet. . . not that I know of anyway.

In the end, we say to each other, “If I were going to buy you a card, I would have gotten you that one.” We laugh and put it back on the shelf, before returning home.

I love greeting cards. Such a unique art form. A single picture and a few words to convey emotion. Usually a good emotion. I’ve never seen greeting cards that say things like, “Stay away from my daughter” or “I would have been there for you, if you hadn’t shown up three hours late.”

Funny cards are best of all. I tell my kids not to bother with boring flower cards for me. Sometimes I receive flower cards and appreciate their sentiment, but I love a good laugh. One year, my husband decided to get me cards with two talking dogs that had the most annoying voices ever. He enjoyed my cringing so much that he bought similar cards for several other holidays. I haven’t seen those cards on the store shelves lately. Hmmm.

I don’t remember so many holidays that required greeting cards when I was growing up. Christmas and birthdays. Mother’s Day. Father’s Day. That was it. But, the card companies discovered the big business of cards for every holiday. Sometimes I feel guilty when my sisters send Halloween and Easter cards. Or Saint Patrick’s Day cards and Fourth of July cards. Just kidding about Fourth of July cards. I haven’t actually seen those.

Blank cards are great. They can be used for any sentiment or holiday. How many times have I selected the perfect funny card for my son, only to open it and read, “Happy Birthday, Grandma”? I have been known to cross out the words and write in my own. I put a happy face next to it and consider it part of the fun.

As I wrote this blog, I considered other occasions that card companies could capitalize on.

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Here’s to binge watching Netflix.

Next time you are in Walmart, or the book store, or the post office (yes, the post office has gotten in on the action), and you see a couple of oldsters dancing to the musical cards, remember, we found free entertainment.