I think of myself as a BBQ Ph.D.

Although I’ve earned a doctorate in mineral economics, I’ve never been a silver spoon Ph.D., sitting in an ivory tower. I’m a regular person—a wife and mother. Sometimes I feel like a little girl pretending to be a grown up. My car breaks down. My dog throws up on the carpet. Recently, I dropped my cell phone in the toilet. I thought I had rescued it in time, but no. I had to get a new one.

I struggle to find purpose and identity. Yes, I have a lot of letters behind my name but most people don’t care.

My mind and education give me a unique perspective. I’m curious about everything. When I go to amusement parks and performances, I wonder what’s happening behind the scenes. How was the experience created? When I drive past homes at night I peek in the windows. Who lives there? What is their life like? I’m not a creepy stalker. I don’t linger. But I wonder.

Writing fiction gives me an excuse to delve into other worlds and experiences. I’ve held a lot of interesting sounding jobs—chemist, professor, economic development specialist, financial analyst. Okay, financial analyst doesn’t sound that interesting. I’m geeky and like Excel spreadsheets. It’s part of my charm.

I’ve started a Blog, Ponderings of a BBQ Ph.D., so you can follow my journey. I’ll post random observations and interesting things I run across. I don’t want to compete with all my friends who write serious and thoughtful blogs. I’m going for fun. Life can be very entertaining.

I write Christian fiction—historical and contemporary—and Christian devotions. I’m available for speaking engagements and women’s retreats.

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